Ingleton Area Business Group (IABG)

Local Ingleton business groups come with just as much history surrounding them as the Ingleton Village itself.  For many years Ingleton District Tradespeople Association (IDTA) supported local events and businesses in the village and surrounding areas.  We now live in an age of on-line guides and the magic of search engines. People no longer search on-line for ‘District’, ‘Tradespeople’, or even ‘Association’, so with this in mind, after 51 years of the (IDTA), the name changed on October 1st 2015.


Ingleton Area Business Group (IABG) retains the values of Ingleton Advertising Association and Ingleton and District Tradespeople’s Association. The tradition of ‘The Official Guide to Ingleton’, continues in the form of this website and we exist to promote all of our members, whether visitor facing, serving the local population, or providing business to business services.  If you’d like to join us and have a listing on this website, please send us an email to

Our Mission

To improve the visibility and reach of Ingleton and the surrounding area; to increase the awareness of the products and services provided by member businesses, in order to ensure sustainable local prosperity to the benefit of the wider community.

Our Vision

  • To further the development of member businesses within the Ingleton area.
  • To assist in driving the appeal of Ingleton as a destination for tourists and employers alike.
  • To work alongside local community groups, representing the interests of member companies.
  • To help improve Ingleton economically and socially.
  • To create a network of active Ingleton businesses who work together to raise the profile of what there is to offer.
  • To help make Ingleton a more rewarding place in which to live, work and visit.

Our Values

  • Honesty: We will be honest and transparent in everything we do.
  • Integrity:We will strive to make the right decisions for our members, unencumbered by politics or short-term gain.
  • Diversity:We will reflect the diversity of our membership and consider the wider community in our activities and dialogue.
  • Respect:For opinion, expression, experience and contribution. We value all members and associate individuals or groups as equals.
  • Professionalism:We will always operate professionally and with integrity and will strive to deliver the highest ethical standards on behalf of the membership.
  • Collaboration:We acknowledge that we are part of a local community and we will bring together talent to generate new ideas, opportunities and to tackle challenges to the benefit of the members and the local community.

The (IABG) work on many projects within Ingleton and surrounding area and have the businesses interest at heart.  The (IABG) biggest project so far is the creation of this website to not only benefit our member businesses but also to become a central hub for all of Ingleton.

Our History

It all started thoughtScan_20150911In 1934, Ingleton Advertising Association published an official guide to Ingleton, price 2d. Inside you could find adverts boasting that electric light was available at Maythorne Boarding House, The Grove had ‘moderate terms and a piano’, while ‘after seeing outside views’, you could visit the cinema, where they were showing ‘the latest and best talkie programmes’.

Fast forward to 1971, where the official guide to Ingleton is now priced at 1/0d (a sixfold increase for those not old enough to remember a pre-decimal Britain!). Inside you can see that Lonsdale Snack Bar has a Music Maker 200 Juke Box and any make of new vehicle can be supplied by Moorgarth Garage. The centre pages of both guides have the same hand drawn map of the area, but the later version is now produced by Ingleton Tradespeople’s Association, the organisation having changed it’s name.

The full name was actually Ingleton and District Tradespeople’s Association according to the 1964 Constitution and so it remained until September 2015.