Willow Workshops – Make a willow Seed Pod

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September 15, 2022 @ 9:45 am – 4:30 pm
Carnforth LA6 3JG
£75 + £10 for materials
Rachel or Mike
015242 41357

Willow Seed Pods

A variety of weaving styles and methods can be used to fill in the overall shape of a poppy seed head formed from curving willow rods attached tightly to the support stick and gathered together. The tepals can then be woven or left open – there are no rules and there is opportunity to explore different methods. Two or three pods can then be positioned together to add height and interest into the garden border, or smaller ones in a pot. It’s also possible to fill the pod with sheeps wool to provide nesting material for the birds in the spring.

Phil has been coming to Broadrake for a number of years now. He has a gentle, relaxed teaching style which always proves popular with students.

He lives in NW Cumbria where he grows his own sustainable willow for basket-making, garden structures and also bird sculptures, all popular workshop topics.



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