Night Navigation Skills with Saaig Outdoors

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September 7, 2020 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Craig Perkins
07850 744215

The primary aim of this is to experience night navigating.  Therefore the start time will vary throughout the year and will be confirmed during the pre-course communications so this is a typical course.


Meet in the centre of Ingleton (unless otherwise informed), have a brew while your instructor outlines the skills you will use and go over the route for the evening. Our location in the yorkshire dales means we never need to travel far to find a suitable location.

Start Navigating – You will get a couple of hours of walking in before the sun goes down, to ensure we practise a range of skills and identify areas for improvement as we move into more challenging terrain. Once it gets dark expect to use a range of compass and contour feature techniques as we work on the strategies that will allow you to navigate effectively in conditions of poor visibility. Don’t worry as at all times your instructor will be on hand to provide advice and reassurance as your confidence in your own ability increases. Eventually your route will take you back down off the hill and back to the start.

Debrief back to the village and a local establishment, for a well earned refreshment, chat, relax and review the evening

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